2019 Master Courses - WORLDZ
Dynamic and experiential workshops that take a deep dive into today’s most important culture shaping topics. Featured Master Course leaders include senior executives from T-Mobile, Hulu, MasterCard, Snap Inc. and many more.
Nick Foster, Head of Design, Google X
Keep your finger on the pulse of the latest trends shaping tomorrow's culture with top artists, agencies and content creators.
The Defiant Ones
Chaucer Barnes
Lucinda Martinez
EVP, Brand Marketing
Culture Through Content:
Explore how HBO partnered with Translation LLC to develop an ambitious and intricately plotted campaign in creative collaboration with their visionary filmmakers and film subjects that intersected the definition of defiance with existing human behaviors: after all, people don’t tell brand stories, they tell people stories.
Multi-Sensory Branding in a Multidimensional World
Raja Rajamannar
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
Brand Reinvention:
In a multidimensional world, every brand marketer needs to rethink their brand strategy for the digital age. It’s not just about visual brand identity anymore.
Effective Communication to Move Gen Z Audiences
Zack Weiner
Co-Founder & President
A to Gen-Z:
Dive into this session to learn how Overtime has become a Gen Z favorite and how to apply the same overall principles to your brand messaging. It's what you say AND how you say it when it comes to engaging this hard-to-reach demo!
Creating a Safe Space for Social Sharing, Play, & Expression
Jeremi Gorman
Chief Business Officer
Judgement Free Zone:
Your social platform is their playground. Understand how to create a safe environment that protects your users and inspires them to share who they are and what they think!
Crafting Meaningful Brand Partnerships
Mindy Hamilton
SVP, Global Partnerships & Marketing
Under the Hood:
Upgrade your storytelling with the RIGHT Intellectual property partnerships. Find the partners to ignite your story and expand the world you fans get to experience.
Maintaining Brand Relevancy on a Global Scale
Stephane De La Faverie
Global Brand President
Business Darwinism:
Leverage emerging markets and understand how to pivot your strategies so that your organization stays on top! You’ll unpack a brand behemoth’s approach to staying relevant when the world and your customer continues to evolve.
Evolving Customer Service in the Tech Revolution
Pat McLean
Unexpectedly Human:
Customer service and engagement are your paths to loyalty - it is in the vulnerable moments with your clients that you can rise to the occasion for them. Cement your organization as one that is TRUSTED by your audience and win in the long run.
Achieving Smart Brevity in the Attention Economy
Nick Johnston
Sara Fischer
Media Reporter
Short & Sweet:
With an endless amount of information at our fingertips, how can we make sure we are exposed to what matters most? Learn how to master the art of smart brevity to cut through the noise and stand out in today's attention economy!
Strategic Storytelling That Ignites Your Brand
Paul Imhoff
Head of Marketing Communications
Get The Word Out!:
A story is only good if your audience gets to hear it! Learn how one of the biggest auto brands uses custom content to tell impactful, purposeful stories that turn audiences into fans! Be sure the story you tell is true to your brand and lands on the ears that need to hear it.
Establishing Meaningful Connections with Gen-Z
Doug Palladini
Global Brand President
Closing the (Gen) Gap:
As their interest in traditional consumption constructs wane, how do brands and organizations connect to Gen-Z in substantial and relevant ways? Learn how your company can expand its market by creating a meaningful connection with this essential audience.
Brands Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable
Michael Claypool
Managing Director
Brave Brands:
From the Brief to the Final Product learn to push yourself out of your comfort zone and achieve campaigns with your agency that disrupt, innovate and help you to take that leap of faith!
How Your Life Shapes Your Stories
Tesa Aragones
Through Your Lens:
For years, creative company VSCO has offered people around the world a safe space to express themselves however they choose. In this session, join VSCO and the award-winning filmmakers behind Kanye West’s “Through the Wire” and ESPN's 30-for-30 documentary "Benji” to explore how spaces driven by trust, openness, and gratitude fuel creative storytelling.
How Gen Z is Transforming Power
Lydia Daly
SVP, Creative Strategy & Cultural Intelligence
Maya Peterson
Sr. Director, Creative Strategy & Cultural Intelligence
The Power Shift:
The institution of youth is a force that has always disrupted traditional centers of power. Now, fueled by social media and buoyed by the collective power of the crowd, Gen Z has a new potential for impact and disruption. Viacom Velocity will break down the why and how power is changing and what it means for brands.
Reinventing Brands for a New Generation
John Lippman
Sign of the Times:
Explore how one of the most powerful leading forces in literature evolved from a dying, 90-year-old brand, to a thriving eCommerce business more relevant now than ever!
Crafting A Relevant and Reputable Brand
David Armano
Global Strategy Director
Jamie Kieffer
Managing Director, Enterprise Branding
When Brand and Corporate Reputation Collide:
The worlds of corporate reputation and brand building are becoming more intertwined than ever. Brand trust is one of the most valuable equities a brand can have and it is earned not only by actions it takes but the reputation it builds. This session will provide a crash course in crafting a corporate narrative that helps protect, promote and evolve your brand’s reputation.
Discover Experiential and Extend Your Brand's Story
Steve Trowbridge
Co-Founder, Farbound
Tim Rheault
Co-Founder, Farbound
Christine Wacker
VP, Global Location Based Entertainment
World Building:
From the creators of the Simpson’s Springfield at Universal Studios and the first-ever Cartoon Network Hotel, learn the ins & outs and discover brand loyalty through immersive emotionally engaging experiences. Extend your footprint and get a first look at what’s next in this world.
Earning Consumer Trust & Credibility
Devika Bulchandani
Shelley Haus
SVP, Brand Marketing
How Meaning Makes Money:
Learn why meaning is so important for building a brand today. Walk away with a playbook for creating meaning and applying it to your business & marketing strategies for lasting impact.
Podcasts to Drive Your Business & Tell Your Story
Gayle Troberman
Conal Byrne
President, iHeartPodcast Network
Be Heard!:
Leverage the power of the podcast - learn to tell your story dynamically and get your audience listening.
Converting Fandom into Big Business
Andy Kleinman
CEO & Founder
Ryan Detert
Kristen Valnicek
Games Into Green:
Dive into the gamers' universe and understand why both brands & celebrities are turning fandom into ROI positive investments to move the needle on engagement.
Creating the Festivals of the Future
Eric Edge
SVP, Brand and Communications
Andrew Klein
SVP, Global Partnerships
Brands Go Mainstage!:
Festivals have gone well beyond the music experience to be an intersection of music, pop culture, & food culture. Join this session and explore how your brand can capitalize on the cultural phenomenon of festivals!
Stay ahead of the curve with strategies & tactics taught by CEOs, CMOs, and top executives from global brands and start-ups.
Neuroscience Behind Creativity & Human Motivation
Pranav Yadav
Decisions Deep Dive:
By measuring brain response to creative and marketing messages, we can begin to decode the key drivers of motivation and optimize our communication for maximum impact and ROI.
Social & Community-Generated Content that Captivates
Kerri Pollard
Sara Panus
Associate Director of Content Marketing Strategy
Up Your Storytelling Game:
If your brand struggles to break through in a noisy marketplace, join us to experience how two of the world’s leading innovators create authentic stories that captivate consumers. Learn how you can activate your valued influencers and insiders in new ways to drive the social content your audiences really want!
Navigating Company Privacy in a HyperConnected World
Gary Davis
Chief Consumer Security Evangelist
We've Been Breached!:
Privacy has taken center stage with a dramatic increase in high profile breaches. This session will dive into what the current privacy landscape looks like, and outline steps you can take to make sure your company is not tomorrow’s headline.
Instagram Stories School
Alix Tyler
Creative Director, Entertainment
Tips, Tricks and Hacks:
Learn how to make your stories POP in this interactive, hands-on funshop, designed to get you familiar with under-utilized IG story tools. 'Students' of this class will get to make their own IG Stories in real time, master cool hacks, and leave the session as the coolest graduates in town.
Optimize Video with Measurement & Output To Move Your Bottomline
Marcia Elizabeth Favale
Founder & CEO
Frame By Frame:
Make sure your storytelling and video content are ACTUALLY being seen and are ACTUALLY engaging. Understand the value of your content and get a grip on your viewership through clear metrics.
TRANSFORM Your Marketing To Scale 1:1 Engagement
Josh Neckes
Co-Founder & President
Staying True:
Learn how digitally-progressive enterprises reconceive strategy, data, technology, process and teams to get REAL transparency! You can create intimacy at scale, and learn to foster the 1:1 engagement every consumer needs to stay loyal.
Live Television & Real-Time Marketing to Keep All Eyes On You
Tim Nolan
Executive Creative Director
Sabrina Malik
VP, Marketing & Strategy
Jonathan Davis
VP, Brand Creative
Tune-in to this session and learn how to leverage that elusive ‘live entertainment’ for a big punch with your audience.
Reaching New Waves of Digital Natives
Julia Detraglia
VP, Research & Insights
Beyond the :30:
It's a crowded marketplace and there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to reaching your consumer. We’ll dive into a few marketplace trends driving audiences’ attitudes and behaviors around streaming, and discuss how this impacts brand messaging, ad experiences and formats.
Sky-rocket to the head of the class with life and career hacks from the world's foremost performance coaches and trainers.
The Marketer's Guide to Organizing Your Ideas
David Shing
Digital Prophet
Brain in Brainstorming:
Most brainstorming sucks. Learn why creativity is so powerful and how you can harness yours for success. Explore mind-mapping and learn to leverage this powerful tool to manage information overload for hyperbolic multitasking.
Unlocking Your Hidden Potential
Jim Kwik
Founder & CEO
Kwik Tricks:
Train with Jim Kwik, the exclusive brain coach for Elon Musk and Will Smith, as he takes you through a selection of brain and life hacks.
Persuasive Writing Workshop
Dylan Loewe
Your State of The Union:
Learn firsthand, from former White House speechwriters, how to navigate in an era of high skepticism and intense tribalism. Practice the art and craft of writing the sound bites you'll need to move your audience to action. The perfect workshop for when you need to strengthen the state of your union, or when no comment isn't an option!
Capitalize on The Future of Marketing
Jennifer Howard
Group Director of Entertainment
The Art of Unlearning:
How can marketers reach the hyper-connected consumer? It starts by unlearning much of what you currently believe to be true. Storytelling is no longer constrained by the mediums of the past - join this session and explore the 5 marketing approaches to unlearn and effectively engage with your consumers today.
Boost Team Communication and Collaboration
Nadine Levitt
Founder & CEO
Music Is Your Gateway:
Successful teams in the workplace don’t rely on individual intelligence, but on a collective acumen. Learn to identify the archetypes within the team and how music can effectively maximize team potential by building healthy collaboration and communication skills.
Creating a Best Place to Work Environment for Your Team
Josh Backer
Compound Interest and Company Culture:
Attrition is real - keep your core talent under your roof by creating a culture that teams are proud to be a part of. Learn the secrets from an award-winning organization that will show you how to walk to the walk.
HR, Marketing & The Future of Talent Management
Mark Kaestner
Global Director, Learning, Leadership & Executive Development
Neil Bedwell
Founding Partner
People First:
Two-thirds of us are unhappy at work. A new partnership dynamic between Marketing and HR is redefining how companies understand, engage and unlock the potential of their greatest asset. People.
Busting The Myths Of Workplace Music
Michael Mendenhal
SVP & Chief Marketing Officer / Chief Communications Officer
Will Henshall
Founder & CEO
Kathy Nelson
Iconic Film Music Executive
Whistle While You Work:
Research shows 8 out of 10 millennials listen to music while they work. With the average person only able to concentrate for 20 minutes at a time, there is much debate around whether music can aid in focus and motivation. We’ll share scientific insights around the impact of music in the workplace. Harness the power of music to drive productivity without creating a distracting work environment!
Preparing Your Business for Scale With A Consciousness
Shiv Singh
New School for Growth:
In the 21st century, success is not just about growth anymore, it is about how you sustain the growth of your business responsibly. Learn how you can create a sustainable plan, so that by the time your business takes off, you will be ready to fully serve all your stakeholders - customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and the communities in which you work.
Building a Team of Consumer & Digital First Marketers
Marie Gulin-Merle
Global CMO, Calvin Klein & Chief Digital Officer, PVH Corp
Digital Foundations:
Join this session to learn how to strengthen your marketing team's performance by identifying current skillsets and creating transparent career pathways.