Seth Klugherz Helps Goodyear Change The Way We Buy Tires Forever With New “Roll” Initiative

Shopping for tires has always been the car ownership equivalent of going to the dentist. We typically only go when it’s absolutely necessary, it’s rarely a pleasurable experience, and it’s really expensive.  Fortunately, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is looking to change the way we buy tires forever with their exciting new pilot retail concept called Roll by Goodyear.

Goodyear, who is celebrating 120 years of innovation, officially launched Roll last week, a revolutionary concept for tire sales and installation that makes modern-day tire stores seem antiquated. Roll features small size, bright canary-and-blue color palette locations and a conspicuous lack of tire-installation bays. In fact, Roll locations look so aesthetically pleasing; they could easily be mistaken for a pop-up gallery or a trendy e-commerce brand showroom. To start, Goodyear is rolling out four of these concept stores in Maryland (greater Washington, D.C. metro area) as the first phase of a pilot program.  The company plans to open additional markets in late 2018 and early 2019.

Goodyear designed Roll with a primary focus on convenience as Roll includes the ability to buy and install new tires without ever leaving your home or office. Goodyear executives say the new concept has been well received by women and Millennials, two key demographics that represent growth markets for the business.

“In our (traditional tire) stores we skew slightly older and slightly male, and we are missing Millennials and women,” says Fred Thomas, vice president and general manager of retail for Goodyear. “We tested the Roll concept, and it scored extremely high with all demographics, and in particular with Millennial women.”

Roll stores will be adjacent to lifestyle shopping centers and destinations instead of your traditional grungy tire stores with the core concept centered around the idea that customers can drop off their cars and spend time shopping, working out or dining while their tires are installed.

Roll storefront in Washington, D.C., metropolitan area


Roll also offers multiple, we’ll-come-to-you delivery options:  one is a valet service, in which customers can use online booking to have their vehicles picked up and dropped off at their preferred locations.  Valet drivers can pick up a customer’s car at one location and return it to another. The other option is a mobile van service, in which customers can schedule a mobile installation van to come to their home or location of choice.  For instance, the mobile van could drive to a customer’s office location and change the tires right in the parking lot. Each Roll store and valet/mobile van option also includes tire installation and balancing. With its offerings of convenience, concierge service and a smart focus on meeting the needs of busy women and younger consumers, Roll is a great example of an iconic brand transforming the customer experience.

Roll Showroom


We had a chance to sit down with Seth Klugherz, the Director of Marketing at Goodyear, WORLDZ Master, and PTTOW! Member to give us some additional insights into Goodyear’s exciting new Roll concept.

Seth Klugherz (Director of Marketing at Goodyear)


Q: How does the Roll by Goodyear make it easier for consumers to buy tires and have them installed?

A: With Roll by Goodyear, we make buying and installing tires simple.  You choose when and where, and we take care of the rest. You can choose to have your tires installed by our mobile van, or you can let our valet drivers come and pick up your car.  Or, if you’d prefer, you can simply drop off your keys while you go have fun.

Q: Why has the Roll concept been so well received by women and Millenials so far?

A: This consumer is time-starved.  And buying tires is not how most people want to spend their limited time.  What’s been exciting to see if that this is relevant not only to millennials but frankly to nearly everyone.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of the Roll initiative, and do you plan to add any features to it in the future?

A: Favorite aspect is easy – you no longer have to sit in a waiting room for several hours waiting for your tires to be changed.  As we like to say, it is tires on YOUR terms. Roll is currently a pilot and we will continue to test and learn. Our results will guide our future plans.