WORLDZ Eye On CES 2019

CES 2019 officially wrapped yesterday in Las Vegas, and the future looks bright, especially if you’re someone who’s looking forward to robots serving you waffles and meatless burgers in the very near future. It was yet another banner year at CES for the WORLDZ community as many of our amazing Masters and tech partners reportedly “stole the show.” With that in mind, we wanted to take a moment to shine a light on some of the crowning technological achievements from the WORLDZ Tribe at CES 2019 as they continue to pioneer the future of the tech industry.


Google Built An Entire Theme Park Ride In The CES Parking Lot


The work and engineering that went into this — and the quality of what they built for something that’ll only be here for a few days — is seriously absurd.

Photo courtesy of TechCrunch.




Samsung’s Bot Care Aims To Help Users Manage Their Health


Samsung Bot Care aims to assist users in their daily health routines and Samsung’s Yoon Lee demonstrated what the platform has to offer.

Photo courtesy of Engadget.



Awarded “Best Connected Home Product” For Their New Smart Clock


Meet Google’s Answer To The Echo Spot.



Spotify’s Increases Focus On Podcasts In 2019 Includes Selling Its Own Ads


Spotify plans bring its personalization technology to podcasts in order to make better recommendations and update its app’s interface so people can access podcasts more easily and broker more exclusives with podcast creators.

Photo courtesy of TechCrunch.



Amazon Bringing Alexa To Your Car


The Echo Auto Is Out In The Real World.


Photo courtesy of Mashable.



Facebook Working With Intel On New Cheaper Artificial Intelligence


The new “inference” AI chip would help Facebook and others deploy machine learning more efficiently and cheaply.


Photo courtesy of hindustantimes.



HTC Unveils “Vive Pro Eye” At CES 2019


An Evolution In The Enterprise VR Space

Photo courtesy of digitaltrends.



NASA Astronaut Designs a Drone Controller