Social Impact

WORLDZ Community Pledges $10MM to WORLDZ GoodFronts!

This year at WORLDZ, we wanted to try something new – something truly profound that could provoke a major shift – the first ever WORLDZ GoodFronts, a competitive marketplace for social impact and global change.

Inspired by the Upfronts and Newfronts, annual media traditions in which billions of dollars in advertising commitments are made for the year ahead, the WORLDZ GoodFronts were designed to connect important causes and nonprofits with the real resources they need most. We sought to engineer simple, actionable ways for the leaders of today and tomorrow to have a personal, meaningful and scalable impact on the issues.

Well, we’ve finally tallied up all the commitments, and the results are astounding. In just 90 minutes, the WORLDZ community pledged $10MM in support to the United Nations World Food Programme, the Gun Safety Alliance & Brady Center “End Family Fire” initiative, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and the Ad Council’s “Love Has No Labels” campaign.

Hosted by the brilliant and inspiring SuChin Pak, the event itself was extraordinary. Senior leaders from each presenting social impact organization briefed hundreds of onlookers about their causes, the impact of their work and what resources they needed exactly to further their missions. At that moment, spectators became changemakers – and before anyone could blink, our world began to change.

Here are some of the highlights:

AT&T committed to finance, produce and distribute a feature-length documentary film about the UN World Food Programme, along with $1MM in marketing to support it.

Next generation content studio Eko, led by CEO Yoni Bloch and CMO Malena Cutili, made their proprietary technology and advanced video storytelling platform available to the Ad Council and Brady Center, enabling a new, more interactive phase of the “End Family Fire” campaign.

Producer Nancy Spears of genconnectU, committed resources to produce a series of educational videos to raise awareness about gun safety, with instructions to parents on how to keep their guns safe from children in the home in support of the Brady Center and the Gun Safety Alliance.

The Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, inspired by the “End Family Fire” campaign, has pledged to work with Brady to develop a new school program to raise awareness and promote gun safety in the home.

Hulu has invited employees from St. Jude to visit its HQ to learn new engagement techniques in social media and storytelling.

ClearChannel Outdoor pledged larger than life media support for out of home billboard inventory to help spread the message of the “Love Has No Labels” and “End Family Fire” campaigns.

Amazing contributions from Budweiser, Amazon & many more!

What’s Next For GoodFronts?

Right now, we are working with these brands and business leaders to coordinate their efforts in support of the causes they’re committed to. The WORLDZ team will continue to do anything in our power to ensure impact.

If you’re seeing these commitments and are inspired to participate, let us know that we can count you in! Declare your contribution via email by writing to – it’s never too late to change the world.

Thank you to the incredible organizations who continue to do the lifesaving and game-changing work we all believe in and all the leaders who stood up, grabbed the mic and made their pledge. Hats off to SuChin Pak for elevating us all, to Samantha Rabstein for her brilliant and tireless work, without which this would not have been possible, and to the entire WORLDZ team for your vision, tenacity, and devotion to the WORLDZ GoodFronts.

No matter who you are or where you work…the organizations we featured need your unique talent, skills, networks, and expertise.  Stay tuned for more announcements, including news of our next WORLDZ GoodFronts, which we are planning now!