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Get Your Snooze On During ‘National Sleep Awareness Week’ With The Help Of WORLDZ Master, Dr. Michael Breus – AKA, “The Sleep Doctor”

Are you feeling tired? Not able to focus?  To help you truly reap the benefits of Sleep Week, we wanted to provide you with some sleep science insights and tips from WORLDZ Master and sleep expert, Dr. Michael Breus – aka “The Sleep Doctor.” Dr. Breus is a Clinical Psychologist and world-renowned sleep expert. He is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine, so we think it’s safe to safe that Michael doesn’t rest when it comes to the matter of proper sleep habits.

Sleep affects leadership, productivity, and team morale. From a business perspective, if you’re sleep deprived you are much more likely to take risks you wouldn’t otherwise. Your management skills also suffer. Sleep is about healing and fine-tuning, and giving it its due attention is crucial in maximizing productivity. “There is a direct connection between sleep and career longevity,” Dr. Breus explains. In the modern working world, achieving what we think of as conventionally “good” sleep is not always realistic.

New studies reveal that the amount of sleep you’re getting isn’t all there is to it. In fact, the long-accepted standard of 8 hours a night is, apparently, a myth. According to Breus, 6.5 hours is sufficient. It’s better instead to focus on small things we can do to maximize the quality of sleep we’re getting no matter how long we’re able to sleep. Proper sleep during the first third of the night is physically restorative, your blood pressure drops, respiration slows, and growth hormone increases for muscle repair. During the last third of the night when you achieve proper REM sleep, your brain moves information from short to long term memory, your muscles become more relaxed, and dreaming occurs because of an increase in brain activity. That’s a heck of a lot of benefits from one good night’s sleep.

Ready to find out more? Not only do we have Dr. Breus’ 15 benefits of quality sleep, but we also included his amazing “Nap-a-Latte” routine. And just for good measure, we’ve also included his five most important Dos and Don’ts for your most productive sleep.

And once you’re done reading this article, get some sleep, would you!

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