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Superfly’s Clusterfest Hits San Francisco

The world’s comedy elite descended upon San Francisco’s Civic Center this past weekend for the second annual Clusterfest – a weekend of jokes and debauchery featuring Amy Schumer, John Mulaney, and the stand-up return of Jon Stewart.

The WORLDZ Report was on the scene, bringing you the most memorable moments from the festival’s best sets.

The Roast of Will

Michael Che graced the Bill Graham Auditorium Friday night in a hilariously unplanned set, when he found a good sport in the front row, in the way of a doe-eyed 16 year old named Will. Providing seemingly endless fodder for comedy, Che spent roughly a third of his set on the perceived plight of the teenager and the crush he had on his giddy teenaged friend before realizing “this thing has really gone off the rails!”

Michael Che

His subject happily played along, and to the delight of Che and the audience alike, showcased some comedic chops of his own, playing up his unrequited love with some well timed puppy-dog eyes.

The Roast of San Francisco

The featured comedians shared some pointed criticism of the host city throughout the weekend. Never one to shy away from social critique, rising star Kate Berlant got real during her set on Friday:

“Who here works for Facebook? Who here likes to actively displace the poor? That’s a San Francisco Joke.”


Jon Stewart commended audience members willing to brave the unpredictable weather to see him on the outdoor main stage:

“Is rent so bad we can’t afford a theater?”


And on a related note, John Mulaney closed Friday night’s lineup with the affable humor we’ve come to expect by saying exactly what we were all thinking:

John Mulaney

The seal of San Francisco should be a guy going back to get his jacket.

Tiffany Haddish Curses Clusterfest

After a nostalgic set from Sat N Peppa, comedy’s most lovable rookie took the stage to talk about working with Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett Smith, dating older men, and a fact she asks everyone to finally accept: girls poop. But it was the poignant message she ended with that was met with raucous cheers from a loving crowd:

Tiffany Haddish

I curse you with happiness. I curse everyone here with all the happiness you can possibly stand.

The Major Take Away

As a common thread throughout the weekend, criticisms of the White House were expected fair game. David Cross enthusiastically mimed defecating on the president in a reenactment of a recurring fantasy during his set on Saturday, Maria Bramford wondered – in leu of assassinating him – if “someone could just lead him into a bramble,” and patrons visited the Trump Presidential Twitter Library throughout the weekend to be photographed on a golden toilet and pay tribute to “tweets erased but not forgotten.”

But during his closing set, headliner Jon Stewart chastised crowd members who consider themselves superior, asking the crowd if they can honestly excuse themselves for their own apathy, and to remember to look for similarities with those whom we disagree rather than differences. “Who makes your iPhones? Who makes your chicken sandwiches? None of us are perfect.” In his highly anticipated return to stand up, John Stewart summed up the political back and forth of the weekend and of the national landscape in what was perhaps the best soundbite of the weekend:

No matter how woke you are, everybody sleeps sometime.