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Michael Crossland On Surviving An Incurable Cancer


imgKey Takeaways with Michael Crossland

Humanitarian & International Bestselling Author
  • Live above the line.
  • Adversity does not define you–but how you deal with your adversity does.
  • If you’re alive, you’re one of the lucky ones.
  • Give to the world, as opposed to taking from it.
  • If there’s a stick jammed in your leg, at least it’s not jammed up your balls.

Told he’d be nothing short of a miracle if he lived past 15, Michael Crossland has conquered his share of adversity. Michael has traveled across the globe telling his story, proving that the word “impossible” is merely another obstacle. Here, Michael reminds us that in this world, there are victims and there are navigators – and you are whichever you choose.

Overcoming multiple medical battles including recurring cancer, Crossland is an inspiration in his fight for survival and an example to the world that a truly remarkable life is one lived for others—that is authentic success.


Michael Crossland is a Humanitarian & International Bestselling Author. He is a WORLDZ Master and delivered this Keynote at WORLDZ 2016.