Gaming Startup Wonder is Building an Android-powered Nintendo Switch Competitor


According to Andy Kleinman, CEO and Founder of gaming startup Wonder, the world of gaming is in need of new hardware.  The Verge reports that the company is on its way to producing an “android-based gaming smartphone and docking system” that’s changing the game (pun intended).

This new piece of intelligent gaming equipment will resemble a smartphone in appearance, but will be fully capable of tech interfaces that support the quick-paced, memory-heavy gaming culture.

Kleinman and Industrial Designer Yves Behar discussing Wonder prototype smartphones concepts. Photo Courtesy of Wonder

“The dock will let the device play games on the big screen with the controller, while the controller itself will have a physical slot for the phone to slide into like a screen attachment. The software services will supposedly range from access to original games from existing game makers, licensed and mobile-optimized third-party titles, streaming game and media options, and other entertainment hub-like features,” reports The Verge.

Are you ready for a new era of gaming? Wonder is, and they’re taking us to the future.