Marlies Dekkers Wants Women Everywhere To Dare To Dream

How did you first become inspired by the female form and how has that influenced your craft?

It all started in art school many years ago, during a nude model drawing class. I always knew I wanted to be an artist, I just hadn’t chosen a direction yet. So, that particular day, while I was drawing a life model during class, sketching her beautiful curves in circular motions, it struck me: what if I as an artist, using a woman’s body as my canvas?

If you make a painting, someone will hang it on their wall. If you design a chair, someone will sit on it. But if you design lingerie, someone will wear it, and by doing so, complete your art! Since then, my ambition has always been to frame woman’s beauty.

Photos courtesy of Marlies Dekkers

There are however, two very essential elements to complete my work of art; my designs and the woman wearing them. It really is so much more than just the outside when wearing lingerie. My designs are only 15% of the mirror’s reflection. If she doesn’t love and appreciate the other 85% she sees, well… Then my work becomes very difficult.

With this in mind, I’ve created the characteristics of my designer pieces; the signature straps. My framework technique is a visual guide that puts the focus on a specific part of the body. I love to emphasize the cleavage, back and the upper part of the buttocks. This part of the lower back is perfect for using straps, to make the buttocks look even more sexy. And that’s exactly what I want; to celebrate the female form, with all its perfect imperfections. I’m proud to say I have made it my life’s work to boost women’s confidence and have remained committed to showcasing talent and form, injecting strength of character and elevating the soul.

Lingerie is about seduction, but first you have to seduce yourself

Above all, my purpose has been to challenge women to dare. I want to inspire women to see how beautiful they are. They should be amazed at their reflection! I can contribute to this with my lingerie. I seduce her to build her confidence and show her body. I have found my mission.

As a self-proclaimed feminist and someone who has championed the plight of women around the world for many years, I literally make it my business to conceptualize and design from a female perspective, rather than with the sexual gratification of men in mind. By enhancing her features I try to make her body look its best. This self-confidence leads to empowerment and I hope this empowerment will make women dare to dream.

Do you wish you could go back to the smaller, more anonymous, best kept secret you once were?

I quickly realized that if I wanted to frame a woman’s beauty and empower women I had to start my own business. At first it all started in my very own bedroom, now it’s an empire with selling points in over 25 countries world-wide, including online and offline. If I would go back to a best kept secret? Totally not! Since I was able to build a company, starting from the bedroom, to the size it is now, I am very proud to have achieved my goal in life.

It has also given me the possibilities to further explore my creativity to design and innovate lingerie. You are able to do much more than when you have a smaller company.

Additionally, for this reason I managed to focus myself on inspiring and empowering all over the world by giving lectures and master classes in over 25 countries. It makes me very happy to see that women are inspired by my story and I would like to continue inspiring women all over the world.  

As you’ve evolved and grown over the last 25 years how has that been reflected in your work?

As the business grew it gave me much more possibilities to further develop craftmanship, technique and innovation of the lingerie in depth. For me, developing my own signature-mold –basically the way I wanted it to look and feel- was incredibly important.

I want to inspire other women to be the master of their own destiny. For me, this is more important than selling lingerie 

The process was very complicated; much similar to finding the perfect mathematical formula. It was also very personal. My team and I often went back to the base, cupping our own breasts with our hands, shaping them: did we want perky breasts? Or was roundness more important? Where did we want the nipple to be?

If only you could have seen us, grabbing ourselves and each other, all for the sake of the perfect fit! Therefore, as the company grew it meant continuously improving the product to get a super fit and outstanding quality product for the consumer.

What is the biggest challenge Marlies Dekkers has faced and overcome in the last two and a half decades? 

The biggest challenge is that a lot of women have a negative view of themselves when looking into the mirror.

The mirror is also my biggest competitor. I want to inspire women to see how beautiful they are. They should be amazed at their own reflection and I can contribute to this with my lingerie, but you have to love yourself. You deserve to feel confident from the inside to radiate this on the outside.

Lingerie is about seduction, but first you have to seduce yourself. With my lingerie I seduce women to build their confidence and show their body. This year for the 25th anniversary of my brand, I wanted to encourage women to break the mirror. Break the negative self-reflection and celebrate the female form, with all its perfect imperfections.

With this in mind, I launched my newest book ‘Unlock Your Potential’. My latest work is a powerful tool to structure the process on self-realization in the most important areas in one’s life. From career to family and friends, from health to sensuality; women can learn how to tackle targets the way a top performer would.

You are as beautiful, as sensual,
as desirous…as you believe yourself to be

With this mission, I hope to continue inspiring women all over the world, and empower women to explore my motto: Dare to dream, dare to grow, dare to be.



imgMarlies Dekkers

CEO, Founder & Creative Director, Marlies Dekkers
  1. What is an important fact about yourself that isn’t on the internet?

I love French fries! Even though I exercise five times a week, my guilty pleasure is definitely French fries.

  1. What is the most valuable piece of advice your parents ever taught you?

My parents told me to always believe in yourself. They gave me so much love at home and I realized that it’s very important to have a place like home where there is so much love.

  1. What is the BEST thing about being Marlies?

The best thing is to inspire other women to be the master of their own destiny. For me this is more important than selling lingerie. 

  1. What is the WORST thing about being Marlies?

The worst thing about me is that it’s never silent in my head. I’m constantly thinking about ways to pursue my mission.

  1. What fictional character do you identify with and why?

Olivia Pope from Scandal. Her courage, resourceful power and the will to reach the absolute top is very inspiring and astonishing.

Marlies Dekkers is a WORLDZ Master, and the CEO, Founder & Creative Director of the self-named lingerie brand Marlies Dekkars.