Highlights From WORLDZ 2018: Day Two

Day one of WORLDZ 2018 definitely exceeded our wildest expectations. Then day two came along and it honestly left us speechless as WORLDZ GoodFronts raised $10 million dollars in support to the United Nations World Food Programme, the Gun Safety Alliance & Brady Center “End Family Fire” initiative, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and the Ad Council’s “Love Has No Labels” campaign! 

The incredible vitality and enthusiasm from all of our speakers and session leaders on day two included Senator Barbara Boxer, Steve Aoki, Perry Farrell, Dr. Tammy Ma, and Dr. Alaa Murabit, as well as senior executives from Google X, T-Mobile, and Mastercard, among many many others. 

Below are some of our favorite highlights from Day Two at WORLDZ 2018. Everything from our amazing Opening Keynotes, Master Courses, In-Conversations, Nelson Mandela Changemakers, WORLDZ Launchpad competition and so much more. Thanks to everyone for making WORLDZ 2018 // Chasing True North a life-changing experience.

Day Two Keynotes


1 MILLION Acts of Kindness

Kath Koschel, Founder, Kindness Factory & Alan Beard, Chief Brand Officer, Otter Media partner to create kindness around the world with a call-to-action of 1 MILLION acts of kindness. 

A Star on Earth

Fusion Physicist, Dr. Tammy Ma talks about how she is working to create a star on earth as an alternative and earth-friendly energy source.


Nelson Mandela Changemakers

WORLDZ CEO & Co-Founder, Roman Tsunder, introduces our Nelson Mandela Changemaker Award Winners.

Nelson Mandela Changemaker Award winner, doctor, advocate, and the youngest UN High-level Commissioner, Dr. Alaa Murabit explains the importance of acknowledging and supporting the journey of women’s careers in male-dominated industries.

Nelson Mandela Changemaker Award winner, Founder & Executive Director of Prosecutor Impact, Adam Foss continues to be a truly inspirational advocate for criminal justice reform and helping society understand the importance of quality prosecutors in ending Mass Incarceration.

In-Conversation with Barbara Boxer

Former Senator Barbara Boxer discusses the upcoming Midterm Elections and the ever-changing political climate with Matthew Segal, Co-Founder, ATTN.


Master Courses


Reading Between the Lines // Storytelling & Creativity Demystified

Author Alex Banayan and Grammy-Nominated/Multi-Platinum Musician, Mike Posner demystify storytelling and creativity at their inspiring Master Course.


Return On Influencer Marketing: A Brands Holy Grail Is Now On Social

Mark Owens, CEO at Rogers & Cowan, Ryan Detert, CEO at Influential, Chris Detert, CCO at Influential and Kandee Johnson, Beauty and Lifestyle Expert and Creator, Kandee Johnson Worldwide discuss the evolution of influencer marketing and how you can attach it to your bottom line.


Futurists Unite! // Business Powered By Long Term Creativity

Nick Foster, Head of Design at Google X talks about business, creativity, and the NBDB (Never Been Done Before) during his Master Course.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words // Moving Impact Content from the Screen to the Street

Katherine Keating, Publisher at Vice shares ins and outs of what it takes to spark change and truly shape the world of tomorrow during her Master Course.


Start Something Priceless // Platforms With Purpose

Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Mastercard shares why purpose is good for your brand and why it provides a competitive advantage during his Master Course.


Good Vibes Healthy Margins // How Cannabis Is Going To Save The Country

Krishna Andavolu, Host & Executive Producer, Weediquette at VICELAND, Adam Levin, CEO of High Times, Tracy Ryan, CEO of CannaKids, Mary-Alice Miller, Chief Risk Officer at Columbia Care share their thoughts on cannabis’ overall impact on the future of our country.

Good Customers, Good Business

Nick Drake, EVP, Marketing & Experience at T-Mobile & Jen Cambridge, VP, Frontline Systems and Experience at T-Mobile discuss how to reimagine service and create the ultimate experience, all while reaching new heights of retention and customer love at their Master Course.


Open Stage Conversation


Deals Heard ‘Round the World // Breaking Barriers for Business with Southeast Asia

Perry Farrell, Creator, Lollapalooza Festival & Lead Singer, Jane’s Addiction, Tyler Williams, Fungineer, Zappos, Phuong Uyen, Deputy CEO, THP Group & Cary Granat, CEO, Immersive Artistry LLC during their Open Stage conversation.

WORLDZ Goodfronts 

The official unveiling our WORLDZ Goodfronts, a competitive marketplace for social good organizations designed to engineer positive change by connecting important causes with the resources needed to achieve their missions.


WORLDZ Launchpad Winner!

Congratulations to CEO and Co-founder of MightyWell, Emily Levy for winning our inaugural WORLDZ Launchpad Competition with “Wellness You Can Wear.”

Closing Time

The iconic Krewella DJ Duo kick off the WORLDZ Closing Party and Celebration with some new music.

Sensational Swedish duo, Galantis closes out our WORLDZ Closing Night Party & Celebration with the noise!