Inspiring keynote presentations from a diverse group of business leaders and life strategists including Deepak Chopra, Kelly Slater, Gary Vaynerchuk,, and many more.
Master Courses
Featured Master Course leaders include senior executives from Samsung, Mattel, VANS, MasterCard, 20th Century Fox, VICE and many more.
A spotlight conversation and audience Q & A surrounding the inspirational journey and career of select WORLDZ Titans & Masters.
Town Halls
Group conversation facilitated by a journalistic presence on the deepest and most provocative topics affecting our world today.
Mentorship Lunches
A priceless opportunity to share a meal with a WORLDZ Cultural Master, ask questions and garner wisdom in an intimate, relaxed environment.
Meet the Masters
Gain insights and engage in one-on-one conversations with top executives from global brands, media companies and start-ups.
Team Building Activities
Choose from a wide array of hand-selected activities designed to help you connect with your fellow participants and teach you new skills in the process.
Networking Opportunities
Engage with the WORLDZ community while enjoying live entertainment and exploring the diverse artwork and experiential installations.
Post-Event ToolKit
After the event, we will provide you with detailed outlines of discussions and learnings pulled from each session.
Year-Round Community
Engage in exclusive member dinners and year-round member events.