Keep your finger on the pulse of the latest trends shaping tomorrow's culture with top artists, agencies and content creators.
Lifted, Shifted, Personalization on a Higher Level
Ryan Friedlinghaus
CEO & Co-Founder
Lifted, Shifted, Personalization on a Higher Level :
Shaping Culture in the Automotive World (2018)
Learn from the pioneer of custom rides. We'll shift into high-gear in this up-close and personal session about what shapes car culture and why trendspotting is key to a successful brand, no matter what industry you are in.
Create! Inspire! Interact!
James Peterson
Create! Inspire! Interact! :
Build Larger-than-Life Experiences and Cultivate Connection Through Public Art (2018)
A deeper look into the creative processes that combine artistry, technology, and fabrication. Dive into the world of public art and see how large-scale, interactive installations are brought to life.
Trends of Tomorrow
Vikram Bhaskaran
Head of Market Development
Trends of Tomorrow:
The Anatomy of Taste (2018)
By deconstructing how taste is formed, learn how brands are tapping insights to create the future of commerce.
Futurists Unite!
Nick Foster
Head of Design
Futurists Unite!:
Business Powered By Long Term Creativity (2018)
Creativity exists in us all - it's just a matter of how deep within. Learn how to harness your inner creativity and discover practical tools to cultivate a long-term vision that will transfer to your business and beyond.
Not Such A Cheap Thrill
Jason Chinnock
Not Such A Cheap Thrill:
Adrenaline Entertainment to Fuel Your Business (2018)
Get up to speed on where discretionary spending is going, why experience trumps things every time and how to stay ahead of the curve with your audience.
Life in the Fast Lane
Katia Bassi
Life in the Fast Lane:
Lamborghini Shifts Customer Engagement Into High Gear (2018)
Discover the secret to captivating customer engagement. Transportation is no longer about getting from A to B but creating an unforgettable experience. Rev up your engines and brace yourself as this session takes you from 0 to 100!
Near and Far
Jen Rubio
Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer
Near and Far:
Building a Community Through Marketing, Retail, and Beyond (2018)
Unlock the tips and tricks to building a community of people who love your brand, while crafting a memorable experience with your customers through your marketing.
Hitting the Right Note
Jesse Kirschbaum
Jake Udell
Hitting the Right Note:
Musicians as Markets & Collabs That Work (2018)
Keep your business in-tune by learning from today's tastemakers - musicians. You'll hear behind-the-scenes stories and learn what it takes to makes a collaboration great.
Can You Hear It?
Lauren Nagel
VP, Executive Creative Director, Brand and Content Creative
Can You Hear It?:
Six Dimensions of Sound to Power Your Brand (2018)
Embark on an immersive experience as we explore the relationship between sound & the imagination. Discover why sound remains one of the most powerful creative platforms in our world today. #powerofaudio
Maximizing your Brand's Impact
Roni Sebastian
Executive Creative Director
Emily Zaborniak
Executive Creative Director
Maximizing your Brand's Impact :
Marketing that Consumers Actually Want to Experience (2018)
To make an impact in today’s cluttered marketing landscape, you need to drive active participation, not just passive consumption. In this session, you’ll learn the right methods and mindset for doing just that.
Bring the Noise
marc graser
editorial director, global creative & content marketing
Bring the Noise:
Sharing your narrative in an attention economy
Learn to educate, inspire, and connect with content that captures even the most distracted of consumers.
Influential ROI
Ryan Detert
Chris Detert
President, Marketing
Mark Owens
Kandee Johnson
Beauty & Lifestyle Expert & Creator
Influential ROI:
The Holy Grail for Brands Is Now On Social (2018)
Learn how to leverage talent of all sizes in influencer marketing to go far beyond mere impressions and drive direct sales, both online and offline.
(Re)Mastering moments that matter
bob gruters
group lead US Entertainment, tech connectivity & Multiculture
Werner Brell
Chief Engagement Officer
(Re)Mastering moments that matter:
Communicating, savoring, & Celebrating through Marketing
The biggest, most important moments in marketing happen to us individually. Stay relevant and highlight what matters to your audience instead of only what matters to your organization.
Small Screen, Big Picture
David Clark
EVP & GM, Freewheel
Small Screen, Big Picture:
Television's Return To The Lime Light (2018)
Stronger than ever, the small screen is a bigger deal than ever before. You'll want to binge this session and get a BTS look as to why TV is back baby!
Authentic voices & compelling content
Shawn Green
Former mlb all-star, co-founder & chairman
daniel kirschner
ceo & co-founder
Authentic voices & compelling content:
Harnessing the power of relationships to tell your brand story
Join this session to explore the power of video and photo content, ensuring you can streamline your workflow process to get the right content, at the right spec, at the moment you need it. Learn how to hit it out of the park on every project!
Stay ahead of the curve with strategies & tactics taught by CEOs, CMOs, and top executives from global brands and start-ups.
Camera mARketing in a SNAP!
Peter Sellis
Head of Product for Monetization
Andrew McPhee
Head of Camera Platform Exploration
Camera mARketing in a SNAP! :
Take Your Story to the Next Level (2018)
Each month, over 230 million Snapchatters will spend an average of three minutes per day playing with Lenses on our platform. Snapchat is the only platform using Lenses to engage consumers at scale and we want to show you how to unlock the world’s most influential audience with AR to achieve your business objectives.
It All Ads Up
Beth-Ann Eason
Tal Chalozin
CTO & Co-Founder
It All Ads Up :
Dynamic TV Ads for Big ROI in the Living Room (2018)
TV viewing behavior has changed, but the ad experience hasn’t – until now. Take a deep dive into the world of dynamic TV advertising and see how interactive creative can not only hit the right audience but also better your customer's experience in the process. Become your own creative director with our hands-on workshop designing interactive TV ads.
For the People by YOUR People
Kerri Pollard
Chief Revenue Officer
Janna Wemmer
Head of Social Media
For the People by YOUR People :
Social Content Gets Real (2018)
Join innovative storytellers and one of the world's fastest growing retailers for a lesson on creating in-house and user generated content that will actually WOW your customers. Learn how you too can leverage your own community to tell authentic brand stories at scale!
Hot From the Hut
Helen Vaid
Global Chief Customer Officer
Hot From the Hut:
Your Business Needs Omnichannel to Survive (2018)
Marketing is no longer a one and done deal but an ongoing experience. Learn how to craft an immersive campaign that is always one step ahead of your customers.
New Kids On The Blockchain
Amanda Gutterman
Chief Marketing Officer
New Kids On The Blockchain:
Building The Future Economy On Web (2018)
Each month, over 230 million Snapchatters will spend an average of three minutes per day playing with Lenses on our platform. Snapchat is the only platform using Lenses to engage consumers at scale and we want to show you how to unlock the world’s most influential audience with AR to achieve your business objectives.
Once Upon a Times Square
dan levi
Once Upon a Times Square:
Out of Home Storytelling at Scale (2018)
Take a deep-dive into this session to learn how changing consumer behavior, mobile data and the “digitization” of billboards create actionable opportunities to tell creative brand stories at the moment of impact! Done in partnership with the Ad Council in support of the award-winning “Love Has No Labels” campaign, participants will actively engage in creation of an Out-of-Home campaign that will launch in real-time in New York’s Times Square and then run across digital billboards nationwide. This session will teach participants how to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time, with the unmatched scale and impact of the world’s largest screens.
Beyond TV
Sean Moran
Head of Marketing & Partner Solutions
Steve Ellis
Head of Strategy & Business Development, Marketing & Partner Solutions
Beyond TV:
How Live Events, Digital, & Social Are Driving The Future of Media (2018)
In an age where consumers have unlimited access to content and information the experiences that brands create matter more than ever. Come and learn the 360 approach – through TV, live events, digital, social, and beyond – needed to effectively reach GenZ and Millennials.
Geolocation IRL
Swen Graham
SVP, Creative & Strategy
Geolocation IRL:
Why It's Important to Stay Present (2018)
In a vastly open-ended world, it's easy for things to get lost in the shuffle. Join this meaningful conversation and learn how staying in the present will bring the outside world to you.
Not Another Face in the Crowd
Brennan McReynolds
Rich Goodstone
Founding Partner & Head of Agency
Not Another Face in the Crowd:
Event Technology & Deeper Connections
Tap into the secret world of live event technology -- understand how a sea of thousands can be connected by a simple wristband and learn how to scale experiences of your own.
Seeing is Believing
Nick Tran
Head of Brand Culture & Social Media
Werner Brell
Chief Engagement Officer
Seeing is Believing:
How VR is changing our businesses & world
Take a look into the deep world of VR through the eyes of this industry leader. You'll explore the possibilities and get a taste of technology firsthand!
Hyper-Travel: Point A to Point B
Ryan Kelly
Chief of Communications & Marketing
Kristen Hammer
Senior Welding Engineer
Hyper-Travel: Point A to Point B:
Hyperloop Connects Our World (2018)
Disrupt the time and space continum? Done and done. Get up to SPEED in this session and hear insider info from those charting the future of mobility and travel, connecting our world in a way we never thought possible.
Ex Machina
steven Wolfe Pereira
chief marketing & communications officer
Dr. Peter Day
Chief Technology Officer
Ex Machina :
The Future of AI In Business (2018)
We’re at the dawn of the AI century. We’ve seen AI presented as both positive utilities (like Iron Man’s Jarvis) to negative destructive forces (like in the Terminator). Can both be true? How will this affect your industry, your company and most importably your job? Learn why AI will be more important than the Internet and why it will be imperative for every business to understand AI's impact and implications for its future.
Race to the Top: Economies of esports
matt colon
talent manager
tobias sherman
global head of esports
Race to the Top: Economies of esports:
the future of competitive entertainment is now
Addicting, entertaining, and novel: eSports has truly taken the world by storm. Explore the future of this burgeoning market.
Sky-rocket to the head of the class with life and career hacks from the world's foremost performance coaches and trainers.
Hold the Pen, Hold the Power
Nora Herting
CEO & Co-Founder
Hold the Pen, Hold the Power :
Visuals To Unlock Your Creative Leadership (2018)
Join the pioneers of graphic facilitation in this hands-on session. Explore how thinking in pictures will inspire your team, create a shared vision, and move ideas to action.
Design Your Most Heroic Life
ryan cummins
Design Your Most Heroic Life:
Leverage Your Memories to Map Your Future (2018)
The bigger you can dream, the more you can achieve. Vision your future and take a journey to explore you own possibilities - the leader you've always wanted to be is ready, take a step into your future.
Let Me Upgrade Ya
Hoby Darling
President, Sports and Human Performance
Jessica Amortegui
Head of Global Learning & Development // Logitech & Collective High Performance
Charlie Engle
Extreme Adventure Athlete, Author of Running Man & President
*Special Field Expert Guest*
Let Me Upgrade Ya:
Your Human Potential & How to Accelerate Your Growth (2018)
Physically and mentally we are each capable of more than we ever imagined. Learn how to enable the impossible and push the furthest edges of your human potential to get the most out of you!
New You, Who Dis?
Chris Robichaud
Former CEO
Sid Mathur
Former Chief Strategy & Development Officer
New You, Who Dis? :
Changing Your Career With Changing Tides (2018)
Corporations are ever-changing - that's just the nature of the business. In this session you will learn how to adapt, maintain relevancy and make sure you don't get lost in the tide.
May the Workforce Be With You
Michael Mendenhall
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer / Chief Communications Officer
May the Workforce Be With You:
Rethinking the Future of Employment (2018)
Learn the ins & outs of where the future workforce is headed. You'll hear from those paving the way and how this important evolution will affect the future of your industry.
Geoff Woo
ceo & co-founder
Paul Benigeri
Head of Ecommerce
You 2.0: Humans are the next platform
Ensure your system is working in the most efficient way and discover why now is the tipping point in human enhancement.
The Power of When
Dr. Michael Breus
The Sleep Doctor
The Power of When:
How to Leverage Sleep for your Bottom Line (2018)
An understanding of how sleep can effect your bottom line: sleep deprivation related productivity issues, how sleep effects leadership and management roles, and how Chronorythms can be leveraged to improve productivity.
Get Higher
Donna D'Cruz
Billie Whitehouse
Get Higher:
Practices in Mindfulness and Meditation
Join industry experts to explore the intersection of Spirit, Body and Mind. This session will employ cutting edge technology paired with modern meditation practices to leave you clear, elevated and blissful.
Driving company values
david baga
chief business officer
Driving company values:
Creating an inclusive environment in accelerating organizations
Explore the WHY of inclusion and what it means to your bottom line in this deep dive discussion about staying true.
Take the stage
kelly stoetzel
Take the stage:
ted’s guide to public speaking
Learn to infuse talks and presentations with a few of the key tools and principles that make TED Talks so engaging for audiences, both in content & delivery.
It’s Not You, It’s Me
David Beck
EVP, Corporate Strategy & Operations
It’s Not You, It’s Me:
Owning and Upgrading Your Career (2018)
Don’t look back wishing you had invested more in your own professional development. Learn both strategies and tactics of how to focus on what will truly impact your career trajectory.
personal powerworks
liz heller
personal powerworks:
Understanding yourself as a brand
Dive into this interactive session that takes us back to the very important 101's of job skills and navigation. Are you sure your resume and interview skills are ready for that next big step?
Total Recall
Jim Kwik
Founder & CEO
Total Recall:
Hack Your Brain to Unlock Your Memory Potential (2018)
All the ways to rapidly remember for greater productivity and influence shared by a true mind magician.
Find Your True North
Joe De Sena
Founder & CEO
Carola Jain
Head of Brand
Find Your True North:
The Spartan Way (2018)
A look under the hood of how Spartan has become the ultimate badge brand, by creating a platform that lets the community share memorable (not always ‘easy’) experiences and become the ultimate source of inspiration.
Own Your Story
National Poetry slam Champion & Multi-Platinum Songwriter
Own Your Story:
Creative Expression Workshop with world-renowned IN-Q