Creative Innovation
Modern Communication tactics
Break your news before someone else does
Telling your story in a post-truth world – the news cycle has changed radically. Learn to control your message from the fastest growing new journalism.
It's cool to be real
Standing out in a sea of social media
kandee johnson
beauty & lifestyle expert & creator
How to make you, your brand, or organization, stand out in an oversaturated social media environment and learn the art of connecting powerfully in real life and online.
design your best life
Experiential Storytelling can change our world
ryan cummins
Explore a specialty in designing once-in-a-lifetime experiences that partner with the world’s top celebrity influencers, all to benefit remarkable non-profits.
vans takes brand-tainment to new heights
experiential can be within reach
doug palladini
global brand president
How has VANS been able to keep up with the changing brand and retail tides? Learn from the best and adopt the ethos of 'experiences over things' in this hands-on session.
sky’s the limit
revolutionize your industry & give your brand its wings
miles rogers
chief strategy officer
Learn how this industry leader disrupted the private aviation space with it's unique marketing and changed the way we get from point A to point B.
bravery, budgets & bandwagoning
how content creators shape culture
tiffanie darke
Sabrina Malik
VP, Marketing & Strategy
Reach your audience in new ways, take them to new heights, and shine a light on the stories that are shaping our world. It's all about enabling your brand to craft culture instead of mirroring it.
up in smoke
demystifying cannabis, Disrupting the status quo
adam bierman
ceo & co-founder
tracy ryan
Understand how disrupting the status quo has led to unlocking potentials in a multi-billion dollar industry and learn how to apply those lessons to your organization.
Dare to Dream, Dare to Grow, Dare to Be
Eroticism, Feminism & Our Future
Marlies Dekkers
CEO & founder
Learn how philosophy and eroticism are crucial in build a fully thought-out brand, and how creativity right in the heart of the business will lead to true innovation.
closing the gap between you & your customer
Leveraging data to scale the 1:1
ben hindman
kaitlyn villanova
global digital director
Today’s customer craves the 1:1 experience. Learn to drive the personalized experience, foster customer loyalty and leave with the tools to truly drive the 1:1.
the intersection of art, science & necessity
raja rajamannar
chief marketing & communications officer
Learn how to cut through the clutter and engage connected consumers through storymaking - create the moments that matter most alongside your consumers.
victory song
the power of Music & Brands
Jennifer frommers
svp, creative content
emma quigley
head of music & entertainment
Great music paired with powerful brands has always been a winning combination. This session will leave you with insider knowledge on how some of today's biggest collaborations are coming to life.
Passion + Data
Entertainment, Sports & Music Sponsorships of Tomorrow
mark shedletsky
ceo & founder
How to effectively use data to identify the right partners, reach these passionate fans with your marketing spends, and actually prove ROI.
Navigating Culture, Without Being a Vulture
The big business of Influencers
Coltrane Curtis
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
John McPheters
CEO & Founder
Big business knows it needs influence to succeed in the modern marketing mix, but how can brands work with the right people without coming off as inauthentic? Whether marketer or influencer, there’s plenty to learn from this conversation with two veterans of culture.
Appetite for Learning
Cooking Brain Food On a Budget
Taste of Home Chef
Schedule too packed for a home cooked meal? Think again. Learn the ins and outs from America's #1 Cooking Magazine in this amazing live demonstration course. You'll leave with a fresh knowledge to conquer the kitchen whether you're cooking for one or six.
Raw & Real
How Stories Should Be Told
Tom Punch
Chief Commercial & Creative Officer
This dynamic session deconstructs VICE’s ambition and journey to becoming the most influential youth media brand in the world.
Sing a New Tune
Musicians as Entrepreneurs, Executives, & Tastemakers
Jesse Kirschbaum
Joel Madden
The Madden Brothers
Benji Madden
The Madden Brothers
Artists have found their footing as today's creative executives bringing a whole new perspective to product and business development. Learn how to harness the sometimes untapped creative energy of music to reinvigorate your organization and turn your fans into consumers and your consumers into collaborators.
What's on Your List
100 Things to Live a Full Life
Sebastian Terry
Live a full life, be the best you, learn to embrace the unexplored and dive-in head first to new experiences. Open up in this special session focused on getting you where you've always wanted to go!
the superpower of Partnerships
Putting the intellect in intellectual property
mindy hamilton
svp, global partnerships & Marketing
We are stronger united than we are apart. Explore what's possible when we partner and what it requires to make a co-branded campaign successful, all through the lens of a major entertainment studio's brand partnership efforts.
Bring the Noise
Sharing your narrative in an attention economy
marc graser
editorial director, global creative & content marketing
Learn to educate, inspire, and connect with content that captures even the most distracted of consumers.
dude, where’s my muse?
demystifying creativity
jean philippe rosier
partner, perestroika
Regardless of industry or role, at the essence of our work lies creativity. Improve your creative spirit and discover how to get your best ideas, having fun and enjoying the ride.
Strategy & Tactics
rethinking targeting
mass over niche proves most effective
David sable
global CEO
Learn where brands are finding their most effective engagement strategies, why CMOs are second guessing niche targeting, and why leading online networks selling to marketers has pivoted.
brand bootcamp
craft your future with smart & connected customer experiences
donny makower
Analyze your brand ecosystem and change the way you approach both your customers’ and competitor's journeys.
how love makes money
monetizaton in livestreaming & beyond
jonathan simpson-bint
In a world where the audience expects content to be free, learn how smart UX, alongside content that genuinely resonates, can willingly mobilize and monetize an audience.
The Big Pivot for legacy organizations
Reinvention through innovation, Inspiration, & Persistence
Scott wells
dan levi
evp & chief marketing officer
bob mccuin
president of sales
Out-of-home advertising is being reinvented for today’s data-driven, mobile-first world. Take away tangible tools to help marketers navigate the pivot from steadfast organization to forward-looking innovator.
Instagram killed the TV Star
The Rise of the Self-Published Story
Matt Britton
A dialogue on the major pivots occurring around the most traditional communication platforms.
Unlocking the power of place
the future of Location Marketing
Leah Malone
Senior Regional Director, Brand Partnerships
Learn how location intelligence is used by leading brands to drive business results by participating in a real-life business scenario.
Staying on your toes
the art of driving high performing teams
Marvin Chow
VP, Global Marketing
Learn best practices and successful strategies for smooth and quickly evolving flexible organizations implemented like those at Nike & Google.
your brain’s hidden potential
Discovering and leveraging neurostimulation
dr. daniel chao
ceo & co-founder
Learn the true power of your mind from the team behind breakthrough technology that is helping athletes and organizations reach new heights.
You 2.0: Humans are the next platform
Geoff Woo
ceo & co-founder
Paul Benigeri
Head of Ecommerce
Ensure your system is working in the most efficient way and discover why now is the tipping point in human enhancement.
aI & Marketing
removing the Mystery, Defining the Magic
Robbee minicola
seth solomons
ceo, north america
This session will remove the hype and mystery behind AI to provide a fundamental, non-technical understanding of artificial intelligence and its application to marketers.
Not Another Face in the Crowd
Event Technology & Deeper Connections
Brennan McReynolds
Rich Goodstone
Founding Partner & Head of Agency
Tap into the secret world of live event technology -- understand how a sea of thousands can be connected by a simple wristband and learn how to scale experiences of your own.
Energized for Renewable Energy
A Brighter World Through Collaboration
Malena Cutuli
Group Head of Integrated Brand Communications & Capability
Meaningful relevance comes from doing things that have a real, measurable impact on the things that matter most. The combination of action and collaboration is what makes our purpose real, relevant, and timeless. Discover how we can make the future of brands brighter together.
Seeing is Believing
How VR is changing our businesses & world
Nick Tran
Head of Brand Culture & Social Media
Werner Brell
Chief Engagement Officer
Take a look into the deep world of VR through the eyes of this industry leader. You'll explore the possibilities and get a taste of technology firsthand!
Be Better in Bed
Executive Sleep is not an oxymoron
Dr. Michael Breus
The Sleep Doctor
An understanding of how sleep can affect your bottom line: sleep deprivation related productivity issues, how sleep affects leadership and management roles, and how Chronorhythms can be leveraged to improve productivity. *This programming is exclusively offered to our Cultural Masters & Titans*
(Re)Mastering moments that matter
Communicating, savoring, & Celebrating through Marketing
bob gruters
group lead US Entertainment, tech connectivity & Multiculture
Werner Brell
Chief Engagement Officer
The biggest, most important moments in marketing happen to us individually. Stay relevant and highlight what matters to your audience instead of only what matters to your organization.
Humanizing machine learning
Technology + Creativity = the new future of work
cristina mancini
evp, technology & creative strategy
Dive into the deep end with this innovative and provocative session focused on the need for constant learning. Ancora Imparo -- a saying dating back to the Michelangelo -- teaches us that we all must 'keep learning' or suffer the consequences.
A Hacked Life
The new Realities of Cybersecurity in a Connected World
steven Wolfe Pereira
cheif marketing & communications officer
barrett lyon
head of security research & Development
Did you know your DVR might be working for the enemy? In a world where everything is connected, there will be unforeseen threats and new challenges that will affect every industry, brand, and individual.
the influencer economy
find a perfect match for your organization
ryan detert
Dissect the influencer marketing landscape, best practices, and emerging technologies, like AI, that are revolutionizing the space.
Race to the Top: Economies of esports
the future of competitive entertainment is now
matt colon
talent manager
tobias sherman
global head of esports
Addicting, entertaining, and novel: eSports has truly taken the world by storm. Explore the future of this burgeoning market.
Get Higher
Practices in Mindfulness and Meditation
Donna D'Cruz
Billie Whitehouse
Join industry experts to explore the intersection of Spirit, Body and Mind. This session will employ cutting edge technology paired with modern meditation practices to leave you clear, elevated and blissful.
Counting Sheep & Hacking Dreams
Utilizing Sleep to create productivity for you & your workforce
dr. michael breus
the sleep doctor
An understanding of how sleep can effect your bottom line: sleep deprivation related productivity issues, how sleep effects leadership and management roles, and how Chronorythms can be leveraged to improve productivity.
Personal & Social Impact
commit to your grit
Tap into your resiliency & learn to love adversity
Joe deSena
ceo & founder
Run Toward the Bear! Learn how to unlock the grit and determination within you to tackle adversity head-on and accomplish things you never thought possible.
Driving company values
Creating an inclusive environment in accelerating organizations
david baga
chief business officer
Explore the WHY of inclusion and what it means to your bottom line in this deep dive discussion about staying true.
we are better together
the modern guide to equality
shelley zalis
ceo, the female quotient
The rules in the workplace were written 100 years ago. Let's reimagine the statutes for today’s modern workforce to attract and retain the best talent.
all players welcome
diversity’s role in the gaming industry
Lina Chen
ceo & co-founder
Level-up in this interactive session focused on the world of mobile games and all the players within it.
no laughing matter
comedy content for activism
mike farah
brad jenkins
director executive producer
Discover how comedy has become the best tool to inspire social impact and lead to real policy change and explore how to craft your own stories to change our world.
Take the stage
ted’s guide to public speaking
kelly stoetzel
Learn to infuse talks and presentations with a few of the key tools and principles that make TED Talks so engaging for audiences, both in content & delivery.
the business of illusion
Influence & command
david kwong
An exploration of how to use the fundamentals of illusion to get ahead of the competition and have more command in your life.
What Young People Want
Activations that resonate with Gen Z
Michele Fino
High-impact brand activations can be difficult to navigate especially when it comes to capturing Gen Z’s attention and ensuring success within the demographic. In this session, will share proprietary data about young people today and reveal the activation tricks that help them break through the noise and move people to action.
Authentic voices & compelling content
Harnessing the power of relationships to tell your brand story
Shawn Green
Former mlb all-star, co-founder & chairman
daniel kirschner
ceo & co-founder
Join this session to explore the power of video and photo content, ensuring you can streamline your workflow process to get the right content, at the right spec, at the moment you need it. Learn how to hit it out of the park on every project!
Work Hard, Play Hard:
How Play & Work Patterns Shape Leadership & Collaboration
Jump into the proverbial sandbox and learn how to play well with others! Your style will impact how you learn, connect and engage with those around you. Explore how play and play patterns truly map how we connect with those in our work and in our lives.
personal powerworks
Understanding yourself as a brand
liz heller
Dive into this interactive session that takes us back to the very important 101's of job skills and navigation. Are you sure your resume and interview skills are ready for that next big step?
Move to Create Big Movements
Saving Our World and Yourself in the Process
Charlie Engle
President, Ultramarathon Runner & Author of ""Running Man""
Cyrill Gutsch
The longest journeys begin with a single step. Take your first step in changing the world by experiencing this special session on both global and self conservation.
escape velocity
Essential career advice to achieve breakout success
steven Wolfe Pereira
Chief marketing & communications officer
Start to define your job and stop it from defining you. Create your plan to achieve escape velocity, the critical inflection point where you truly make the transition from being a manager to becoming a leader.
we are what we eat
food as an agent of societal evolution
erik oberholtzer
CEO & co-founder
Explore how food has served as a centerpiece to advance conversations in every area of our globe from environmentalism and free trade to public health & popular culture. Stir it up on your own in this dynamic engagement!
total Recall
unlock your memory potential
Jim Kwik
All the ways to rapidly remember for greater productivity and influence shared by a true mind magician.
Own Your voice & the room
Master the art of taking the stage
roger love
voice coach
Learn to command any stage and project your voice - own your space and craft your presence in this interactive session.
Own Your Story
Creative Expression Workshop with world-renowned IN-Q
National Poetry slam Champion & Multi-Platinum Songwriter
Join IN-Q in this immersive, moving experience where you will discover how to tell your own story by exploring the moments in your life that have changed you.
Start Me Up
Getting Your Start-Up Beyond an Idea and into the Limelight
Jesse Genet
Andrew Duplessie
​Turn your thoughts into action, it all starts with a single step. Dream, learn and do in this session hosted by entrepreneurs who are ready to share their stories with you.