Startup Explains His Vision For A Personalized AI Assistant That Puts Your Data To Work For You

Big news from our favorite futurist  The serial entrepreneur took the tech world by storm late last year with the announcement that his start-up had raised over $117 million dollars in fresh venture funding. The company, founded in 2012, initially focused on consumer electronics devices such as headphones but is now making a splashy entrance into the corporate computing market.

Their latest offering, Omega for Enterprise, is a voice assistant for customer service currently serving companies within the technology, healthcare, insurance and financial services industries.  

My data isn’t really working for me. The day my data works for me is the day that I have my own personal A.I.

We sat down with the man himself to hear his views on building a personalized and adaptable Artificial Intelligence software and why it is the next frontier in conversational computing. is a multi-faceted entertainer and creative innovator, a seven-time Grammy Award winner, and founder & CEO of is also a WORLDZ Titan who spoke at WORLDZ 2017 about the importance of staying true to yourself in pursuing your vision.