Event Preview

Olympian Kerri Walsh Jennings’s p1440 Festival Combines Mindfulness And Beach Volleyball

Kerri Walsh Jennings is one of the greatest beach volleyball players of all time. In her decades-long career, she’s secured three Olympic golds, one Olympic bronze, and currently holds the record for the most career tournament victories at one hundred and thirty three(yes, it needed to be spelled out). She’s earned too many additional accolades to reasonably transcribe here. Her bonafides are indisputable, her work ethic is legendary, and now she’s starting a health festival that combines her passion for beach volleyball with the mental practice she credits with much of her success: mindfulness.

The event is called p1440, or Project 1,440. The number represents the amount of minutes in a day, and a major goal of the festival is to promote mindfulness as a way for attendees to get the most out of every single one.


In an essay Kerri penned for Shape Magazine, the Olympian wrote that, “When you’re in the present moment, all your anxiety about the future or the past goes away, and you experience things more fully.” Sounds great, especially when the artist lineup includes musicians like Foster the People, Grouplove, and Magic Giant, bands that you wouldn’t want to miss for a second. The festival will also feature a beach volleyball tournament (naturally) with a prize purse of $300,000, yoga sessions, workouts, live cooking demos, and health and wellness advice offered by a range of experts.

Because Kerri is a WORLDZ Master, we had the honor of interviewing her about some other mental tricks that have contributed to her success. Check out the following one-minute clip where Kerri describes how she overcame the habit of comparing herself to other athletes.

p1440 is slated to take place four times before the end of the year. San Jose will host the inaugural event later this September, from the 28th to the 30th, followed by events in Las Vegas, San Diego, and then finally Huntington Beach in December. Tickets and additional information are available on the p1440 website.

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