Volcom’s Push for a Revamped, Dynamic Approach to Sustainable Fashion

What’s the best trend of the past decade? The wise among us would argue that it’s the popularization of sustainable environmental practices. The masses have warmed to the idea – people would instead support companies that practice it – and our environment, wheezing its way through the 21st century, hopefully, becomes slightly less volatile. Volcom, the iconic surf/snow/skateboard mark, is no stranger to the sustainability game, and their “New Future Alliance” program lays out concrete goals for improving their already sound practices.

In an interview with Adventure Sports Network, Ryan Immegart, Volcom CMO and WORLDZ Master, discussed their revamped, dynamic approach to sustainability, “Sustainable Fashion is no longer a sideline project – there are amazing advancements developing and a critical mass, it seems, of people discussing it, learning about it, and even requesting it.” While Volcom is focused on spreading the sustainability gospel, the majority of their efforts will be focused inward, directed at their own supply chain. By using a measurement called Environmental Profile & Loss (EP&L), they will closely track their GHG emissions, water use, water pollution, waste, and land use. “We believe this is what the future is all about,” Immegart said. “Making responsible decisions.”


Volcom’s “Farm To Yarn” initiative has been captured in a documentary to be released in early January 2019. Photo courtesy of Volcom.
In January of next year, Volcom will release a documentary called “Farm to Yarn,” tracking their seed-to-material program for producing organic cotton. Last year, they became one of the few action sports companies to be accredited by the Fair Labor Association. To say they’ve been busy would be an understatement. When popular brands take the initiative, others tend to follow, and, in this case, both the consumer and the environment are primed to benefit.