Two Bit Circus Wants To Redefine How We Socialize


Ever flirt with a robot? Yeah, we haven’t either… but if you’re curious about that sort of thing, WORLDZ Master Brent Bushnell and his team at Two Bit Circus have developed one that will flirt with you and pour you a drink. Count us in, I guess? Come September, you’ll be able to find the coquettish barkeep lodged between countless other imaginative games and activities in a converted warehouse in Downtown LA’s Arts District.

Two Bit Circus, as it looked in early June. The 50,000-square-foot warehouse downtown will offer about 38,000 square feet of play space. (Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times)

A writer for the LA Times recently tried to describe Two Bit Circus. Perhaps understandably, he ran into a bit of difficulty: “
Consider Two Bit Circus a modern-day arcade, one based more on social interaction than individual play. Or maybe call it a live-action video game, one where attendees are not only players but also characters inside the story. But maybe it’s better to think of Two Bit Circus as the future of theme parks, a place where the attractions are rooted in theater and require the full-body participation of attendees.” His trouble pinning down a definition suggests that, like other Bushnell projects, this iteration of Two Bit Circus will be unlike anything we’ve seen before. His ambitions are no less than to, “…redefine not only how we play but also how we socialize.”

In the run-up to WORLDZ 2017, Bushnell discussed the Two Bit Circus project, and his team’s hands-on, creative approach to game invention.

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