Joe De Sena Wants To Make You A Spartan Warrior


It’s happening. Endurance athletes are getting tired of running marathons. In search of more challenging ways to exhaust their bodies, many have turned to long-distance obstacle-course races—OCRs—ranging anywhere from three miles to a full 26.2, the distance of a traditional marathon. While most of us would balk at the suggestion, these remarkable athletes sign up to “army crawl under live electrical wire, or carry 60-pound sandbags up a ski slope…”

In a recent article published in The Atlantic, WORLDZ Master Joe De Sena, CEO & Founder of Spartan – one of the leading organizer of OCRs – explains the motivations driving OCR participants. “When I look at the human beings at the start of a Spartan championship race,” Joe says, “it’s like, Wow, that’s the perfect body.” Compared with traditional marathons, OCRs require competitors to develop a full suite of muscles so that they can conquer whatever grueling challenges they may encounter.

According to De Sena, the competition has attracted 5 million participants since its 2010 inception. If you’re interested in participating in (or, alternatively, standing slack-jawed at the sidelines of) a Spartan event, you can easily find nearby races on the their website.