Getting Future Ready with Wunderman CMO Jamie Gutfreund


What is a “future ready” business? For Jamie Gutfreund—Global CMO at Wunderman—being future ready means “constantly evolving how brands connect with their audience.”

After a series of recently concluded research, Gutfreund and her team uncovered great disparities between companies’ capacity to identify problems and their willingness to solve them. Gutfreund told Forbes, “there’s a big disconnect between recognizing challenges and creating new opportunities.”

The research showed that although 72% of brands say they are future focused, 70% of them are also unwilling to sacrifice short-term gains for long-term benefits.

“Customer experience should be the leading focus for brands when they’re trying to think about engaging people,” Gutfreund told Forbes contributor Blake Morgan.

For companies to be truely “future ready” means taking into account the perspective of their consumers while incorporating new technology to make that relationship easier and more accessible. The recalibration is this: success is no longer contingent on customers becoming loyal to a company, but on the company being loyal to the consumer. 

You can listen to Wunderman Global CMO Jamie Gutfreund on the Modern Consumer Podcast here.