Glamour Mag Recognizes Claire Wineland on 2018 College Women of the Year List


Glamour Magazine recently announced WORLDZ Master Claire Wineland as the Grand Prize winner of Glamour’s College Women of the Year. The CWOTY Class of 2018 highlights young women who are not only earning degrees, but are leading movements that are swiftly changing the world.

Photo courtesy of Glamour Magazine.

Claire Wineland, a 21 year old currently attending Santa Monica College, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at birth. She has spent her young life speaking publicly about her diagnosis and inspiring others to live their best lives. For Wineland, strength lies in simply staying alive. “She does five hours of breathing treatments a day and takes nearly 50 medications. Her life expectancy is her mid twenties – and she’s now 21,” says Glamour. She was recently approved for a lung transplant, a surgery that could be crucial to extending her life expectancy.

“Everything I’m proud of comes from some of the darkest things in my life,” Wineland tells Galmour. “My purpose is to help more people feel comfortable with their pain and realize that they have a lot of power and a lot to give regardless of whether their life seems normal or not.”

To watch her powerful WORLDZ 2017 keynote address, click here.